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Multiple Topics to Choose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Multiple Topics to Choose - Essay Example In the story, she happened to host the Earl of Beresford, a passenger from Canada, who got caught in her beauty to the extent, that he proposed her. Despite being an average girl with nothing materialistic to take pride in, she would refuse the proposal of any lad accoutered with utmost richness and wealth just like a princess, though she had completely different and unique reasons for doing so. â€Å"No princess of the blood could have been more stalely, self-possessed and politely determined to keep one at a distance† (Stowe 123). Although she was a house girl and did not have interaction with strangers in her unmarried life, yet she was brave and bold enough to have argument with a stranger like the Earl of Beresford. She refused to marry the Earl of Beresford because she could not feel attracted to all the fantasies he attempted to make her realize being his wife. Her priorities in life were far from materialism. She believed in succeeding through struggle. She would not t ake success for granted. She was determined and consistent. That was why, she had complete confidence in George. Mary was portrayed by Stowe as a character that had no materialistic proof to have faith in George but her own confidence and determination. Moved by her encouragement and confidence in him, George struggled and ultimately became a minister. All credit went to her. She married him. Conversion of an ordinary man into an American Minister is indeed, an achievement. This tells how important role women play in building an educated, learned and civilized society. Harriet Beecher Stowe has portrayed woman as having equipped with extreme courage, bravery, boldness and determination that contrasts with her intrinsic beauty and delicacy. The fundamental cause of George’s success was Mary. This tells that a woman keeps all the potential to cause a big change in the society remaining within the premises

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