Saturday, June 15, 2019

How organizational behavior tools help managers to solve practical Essay

How organizational behavior tools table service coach-and-fours to solve practical problems - Essay ExampleOB lays emphasis on the application of diverse insights to create better understanding of the employee behaviour in the organizations (Colquitt, LePine and Wesson 07). Some of the important features of OB are as follows Applied Focus The of import objective of OB is to ensure that the employees achieve the targets and objectives of the organization in unification and in systematic method. Contingency approach This approach helps the managers in understanding the solemness of the situation and then proposing solutions accordingly. Understanding the situation helps the managers to understand the way the employees should be managed effectively and appropriately. For example identifying the cultural differences in an organization would help the managers to develop strategies that help in enhancing the productivity of the employees (French 10). Easy Accessibility It is highly ac cessible and is relevant to all of the employees in their personal and professional life. OB is not regarded as a static discipline but a continuous process which helps managers seeking various solutions improvement the force of the organization. ... This would be done to achieve organizational effectiveness and organizational commitment. A systematic analysis of the organizational structure and close is identified by the managers to conduct systematic grouping. Systematic grouping will alter the managers to promote teamwork and coordination of activities among the various departmental units. The good managerial traits are similar to transformational leadership which encompasses charismatic, achievement oriented and task oriented leadership. A good manager needs to communicate effectively with his subordinates for the systematic and effective flow of instructions. A proper and effective communication model paves the path of success for an organization. Communication of ideas and fellowship sharing enables the employees of an organization to be creative and think independently which can promote innovation in an organization (Groves 579). Managerial Abilities or Leadership Skills at that place is a significant and positive relationship between the leadership and organizational effectiveness which arises out of managerial traits (Erkutlu 708). Transformational leadership is a significant contributor to organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Leadership and effective managerial traits are often interrelated to each other because both of them are regarded as a unbroken social influence process. Manager try to utilize different leadership approaches which helps in accomplishment of organizational objectives and encouraging efficient employee behaviour and maintaining the group culture of the organization. Managerial behaviour has a direct influence on the employee outcome and organizational

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