Friday, June 14, 2019

LC 50 and LD 50 Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

LC 50 and LD 50 - Dissertation ExampleLD 50, also known as lethal dose 50 %, refers to the amount of a substance, in solid or liquid form, which is able to kill 50 % percent of a target population in a single dose. The dosage defines all single or multiple applications according to predetermined prescriptions. The two terms defines lethal administration of a substance in a habitat (Fingas and Charles, p. 191).angelo, brotherlyHow anele can enter an organismOil can enter into plants and animals bodies with different ways such as physical exposure, ingestion, absorption and through food chain (Fingas and Charles, p. 193). Entrance by physical exposure involves the organisms direct contact with oil, such as movement in the oil that can and then enter the organisms bodies through their external openings. Ingestion is however the case of a direct consumption of oil. Absorption of oil occurs through transfer of volatile components through membranes of plants and some animals while ex posure through food chain involves multiple transfers through ingestion (Fingas and Charles, p. 193).Meaning of avoidanceAvoidance is one of organisms responses to calamities, such as oil spill, by restraining from affected areas. Aquatic animal are for example able to move to deeper levels to avoid spilled oil on water surface. Effects of oil spill on the aquatic environmentOil spill have different degree of effects on plants and animal depending on species and age.

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