Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Creating a Star Wars Lightsaber is not Possible Today :: physics science star wars weapon sword

The lightsaber is a weapon used in the Star Wars Galaxy. It is basically a saber/sword-like weapon that comprises of a hilt that contains a crystal which is used to focus beams of plasma into a tangible blade which has a finite length and is capable of cutting through a myriad of different materials. Its capacity to cut through material as well as the length of the actual blade of plasma can be altered and reconfigured to each individual's personal liking. The saber is powered through an internal rechargeable battery. No two lightsabers are alike because each individual build his own lightsaber(s) to his or her own liking. There are several parts to a lightsaber: * Handgrip * Activation Plate * Safety Switch * Emitter Matrix * Lens Assembly * Power Cell * Power Conduit * Recharge Socket Originally, lightsabers were built using crystals harvested manually an individually from the planets of Ruusan and Ilum. In the current universe however, processes for synthesizing crystals have become fairly common and several lightsabers are built using these synthetic crystals. The crystal is wired to the conduit and power cell such that the user can alter the length, width and intensity of the emitted blade. When the fully constructed lightsaber is activated, the internal power cell generates photo-electric energy by which the plasma blade is focused through the crystal. a non-thermal beam of plasma is packed tightly and focused through anywhere from 1 to 3 crystals with multiple facets. The formed beam is positively charged and is attracted back to the emitting hilt by way of negatively-charged high energy flux apertures. A power cell superconductor is then used to recycle individually emitted plasma packets into one long beam which continues to self regenerate during the time duration over which the lightsaber remains activated. The blade is tangible and because both blades on two dueling sabers are positively charged, the blades are capable of repelling one another. Ordinarily, the emission of the plasma blade for long durations of time would drain the power cell on the saber fairly quickly as was the case with older sabers from several millenia back in the past. However, through use of The Force, a Jedi is capable of combining all of the elements of his saber into one hightly efficient weapon such that the only major power drain occurs from the blade coming in contact with another material.

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