Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Peer response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

Peer response - Assignment Example Further, one also agrees that there is no such thing as a perfect study. This is the reason why limitations should be noted to take into consideration those aspects that could be incorporated in future research. Researchers should have the hindsight to anticipate that the studies undertaken are made possible with utmost regard for objectivity to address the questions at hand. Yet, in no case would the conclusions be finite and further studies could be undertaken to improve on the results or verify whether the outcome would be consistent despite addressing the limitations which were previously noted. The initial reaction to your post is the widely encompassing scope of your proposed topic on remedial education. The research questions, though highly interesting, should be justified in terms of the new learning on the subject matter. The suggestion I could propose is to streamline your topic from a particular perspective: would your research focus on remedial education from the point of view of students taking remedial classes? Or would your research thrust emphasize the factors that impact the success (or failure) of remedial education? Another suggestion is to explore the relationship between students who took remedial classes to their ability to gain future employment. The point is to decide which point of view you would like to focus on and to streamline the variables to be used in the proposed

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