Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cybersecurity Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Cybersecurity - Coursework Example Portability is regarded as a key facet of mobile computing (International Association of Medical Science Educators, n.d.). This paper intends to provide a discussion about mobile computing. The discussion comprises recognizing the significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities and related threats associated with mobile computing for the users. The other aim of the study would be to describe the procedures and policies that can effectively facilitate to manage the level of associated risk. The affect on customer satisfaction due to the implementation of policies and procedures would also be evaluated. Significant Cyber Security Vulnerability and Aassociated Threats in Mobile Computing From the previous two eras the status and significance of laptops and notebooks have been increasing day-by-day. The sales of laptops, notebooks, tablet computer, smartphone, and personal digital assistants have increased in different countries as compared to the sales of desktops, which are going down increa singly because these devices provide the users an option of portability. The mobile computers such as tablet computer provide better facilities for storing the data in abundance than the desktops along with providing an option of portability. However, with the numerous benefits associated with mobile computing devices there raises certain critical vulnerabilities that require to be addressed. Mobile computing vulnerabilities can be classified into three major categories which are physical vulnerability, system vulnerability and network access vulnerability. A description of these vulnerabilities has been provided below: Physical Vulnerability Tablet computer, smartphones and notebooks among others are mobile devices which are taken by professionals and also different individuals when they are travelling or are used them at home. These devices or products can be lost or stolen anywhere. Physical vulnerability is associated with lots of discrepancies such as the loss of information an d data which are important and the loss of hardware is also a vital element resulting in vulnerability. When laptops are kept open as well as unattended, physical vulnerability can occur as different relevant data becomes exposed to threat and network access can be done by others using the device. Thus, it is important for the system administrators to make the users aware of this mobile computing threat and to observe that the information which a user is receiving are kept safely without being exposed to others and the rooms should be locked when the users are not in touch with their belongings (Asllani & Ali, 2011). System Vulnerability Laptop or mobile computing systems are vulnerable like any other computing system in an organization. A review has been made recently on the vulnerability and it is recognized that the vulnerabilities can occur when the security patches and updates are missing, when the patches become obsolete or applied in a wrong way, the

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