Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Aleph Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Aleph - Essay Example Driven by a rather natural desire to be close to her place and relatives, he lives near her house to have someone to share his trouble with. At that time he gets acquainted with the dead woman’s brother, Carlos Argentino Daneri. The attitude of Borges’ attitude towards him is rather interesting. He is a poet, but a protagonist treats him and his gift with irony considering him to be a plain layman. Daneri is writing a very long epic poem about all the places on the Earth as if he visited them himself. He is dreaming about winning a prize and become famous. This desire irritates Borges. One day Carlos calls Borges’ number asking for help. He appeared in a trouble as his house has to be destroyed by some business. However, Daneri worries not because he loves the place he lives in. He discloses his secret he was hiding for long: there is an Aleph in one of the rooms of his house, and he simply can’t lose him, because he needs him to finish his great poem: â⠂¬Å"Yes, the only place on earth where all places are — seen from every angle, each standing clear, without any confusion or blending. I kept the discovery to myself and went back every chance I got. As a child, I did not foresee that this privilege was granted me so that later I could write the poem. Zunino and Zungri will not strip me of what’s mine — no, and a thousand times no! Legal code in hand, Doctor Zunni will prove that my Aleph is inalienable† (Borges). Borges does not like Daneri and can’t believe him, but he still comes to see the Aleph. Actually, he does not trust the poet thinking that the wants to kill him, thus behaves very carefully. â€Å"The full knowledge of a fact sometimes enables you to see all at once many supporting but previously unsuspected things. It amazed me not to have suspected until that moment that Carlos Argentino was a madman† (Borges). Having come to his

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