Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Requirement analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Requirement analysis - Coursework Example The efficiency of the system has been lowered making it not to be reliable. The unreliable system takes a long time for it to enable the customers to sign an application form. The application form enables the customers to open an account, well known as trading product account. The share trading account is categorized into, high risk accounts, medium risk account, low risk accounts and also specific market account. Hence, the choice of the account to be opened depends highly on the customers. The system has got a lot of complications and this becomes the requirement analysis. They include; the time taken for a customer to complete the application process is long (Holmes, et al. p.21), implying that a lot of questions are asked and this makes the entire process tiresome. Printing time is highly delayed as the delay may take up to twenty four hours. So the enterprise stockbrokers have come up with an objective of enhancing the efficiency of the online stock trading system. The ES has a way of reducing the printing time and also reducing the application time (P arrish, et al. p. 54). Enterprise stockbrokers have come up with investigation techniques that combine both the measures and the goal driven analysis to ensure the efficiency of the system (Aalst, et al. P. 87). It has introduced a new and accurate requirement analysis procedures that can react effectively to changes or rather business adjustment. The proposed methodology reflects on the emerging issues and ensures that the objective of enterprise stockbrokers are obtained and also ensures that the enterprise stockbrokers system adds value to the business. This entails to the item or arrangement that is consistently conveyed by the project. Note that toward the starting this can be a bit fluffy if the last objective or even extension have not been characterized yet. This second layer represents the Business System and involves the last item, as well as those stakeholders

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