Monday, September 23, 2019

Government Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Government Structure - Essay Example tract function model of government is connected deeply with the idea of the modern democracy where the government is formed with the will of the people. It is different from a constitutional monarchy such as the one present in the UK since the monarch remains the head of the government as well as the country while in a pure contract function model of government an elected representative becomes the head of state and leads the country (Hawkesworth and Kogan, 1992). The contract function model is based on the ideas of a social contract which has been credited to the ideas presented by Hobbes. His philosophy of government suggested that governments are formed by the banding of people and they earn their right to govern with the will and acceptance of the people. Thus there is an established (if often unwritten) contract between the people and their government regarding the social order which is maintained from both sides (Hawkesworth and Kogan, 1992). Violations of the contract from the side of the government give the people the right to revolt against the government while violations of the contract from the side of the people give the government the right to imprison them or ever deprive them of their lives in certain cases such as treason. While governments affect the people they govern in many different ways, the people who form a government also affect it in terms of their culture with regard to the political culture and the social culture. For example, even though countries such as China are democracies in a technical sense, the culture of the country remains a communist one for the most part. Of course the Chinese system of government has been affected by cultural changes that have come as a part of the economic development that China has seen in recent years but the government systems and bureaucracies remain connected with communism as a cultural artifact (Wortman, 1987). In this way, the political culture and the social culture affect how governments are

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