Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Administrative Ethics Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Administrative Ethics - Research Paper Example Put simply, two organizations are forced to pay OCR a sum of $1,975,220 for losing two laptops that have patients’ private information (HHS, 2014). Undeniably, such information are at a risk of misuse hence the need for reinforcement. OCR’s deputy director asserts that, â€Å"Covered organizations must understand that mobile devices and computer security is the entity’s responsibility.† Consequently, the sum required of the entities sends a simple message that encryption is the best protection against such incidences. The two entities in this case are Concentra Health Services (Concentra) and QCA Health Plan, Inc. of Arkansas. Correspondingly, the issue in the case affects many people in different measures. First, the most affected are patients whose information is stored in the stolen laptops. Jessica et al. (2011) assert that one of the core responsibilities of medical practitioners is confidentiality. As such, it is required that healthcare professionals keep patients’ information secret and private unless there is a consent to disclose health information. It is the underlying reason why patients share a lot of confidential information with medical practitioners. In essence, failure to keep the information private harms patients. Besides, patients often share private information with professionals. It is without doubt that the patient-physician trust is broken when the clinic does not maintain privacy of information. The situation affects patients in many ways. One, there are patients with personally sensitive health information that they sought to keep secret. Even so, that the laptops are stolen means such information is no longer private (Barrett et al. 2010). It is very likely that the information is in the hands of people who want to misuse it. Moreover, patients are affected in that they will hardly seek medical assistance from the hospital. Undoubtedly, people learn from experience, and the availability of other people’s experience teaches the

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