Saturday, August 24, 2019

Roman Polanski's Macbeth Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Roman Polanski's Macbeth - Research Paper Example He has been able to visually entrance the viewers into a universe of natural elements of rain and mist, gray dawns and clammy dusks, as well as transport them to an era where hoof-beats and trumpets were the only sounds that emanated from the streets of a European town. (Anderegg, M.) Polanski had a simple vision in mind while executing the movie; he wanted to make the character of Macbeth know what his actions would ultimately serve him and he has been able to deliver every character, even Macduff, with great justice. Every single person within the film seems to have been pushed by some or the other circumstance bequeathed upon them and thus every scene becomes motivated with several ideas that make the movie so enthralling to watch. A number of critics therefore say that since this film is actually an original take on the tragedy and not an interpretation of Shakespeare’s dialogues, it should rightfully called ‘Polanski’s Macbeth’. (Ebert, Roger) Many state that this film is one of the most pessimistic pieces of art made by Polanski and his final ending of having crowned another king adds to this suspicion. He has taken very few liberties with Shakespeare’s work and has aimed at orchestrating the visual content in order to transform it into a move goer’s delight while tampering with the realizations that people have while watching the film on screen. This is primarily how Polanski’s personal creative visualization sets him apart from other directors. He has also aimed to increase the roles of certain characters within the film who he feels did not get much leverage when Shakespeare wrote the play. For example, in the fifth scene, he has placed a great deal more importance on Lady Macbeth by increasing her presence on screen. This further helps to add continuity to the film as well as adds to building a sense of horror among the other characters and events that take place during the course of the film. Polanski is also

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