Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bank of America Essay

In a workplace where multiculturalism exists is a diverse and successful workplace. Diversity helps workers and customers to do business freely because majority of customers are comfortable to communicate with people from their own culture. Pacific City Bank a financial company, which is not a diverse bank, has employees from only one culture and this has made way for customers from the same culture to be comfortable to do business with them. From the higher level C.F.O to the vice president of the company everyone is from the same culture. It is positive fact for the customers from the same culture to feel comfortable to communicate and have safety when doing business, but there are many negative effects of not having diversity in a workplace. When your doing business in a multicultural country, it is not viable to stick to doing business only with one culture, as the potential of the company cannot be reached. Customers from other cultures would not be comfortable to do business, a s they cannot understand their language or might feel out of place to do business. Whereas Wells Fargo another financial company, which is majorly known for diverse workplace has more benefits compared to Pacific city bank. Customers are more comfortable to bank with Wells Fargo, as they feel comfortable with the choices of diverse people available to communicate with. Wells Fargo’s main goal is to make their customers comfortable while banking with them. By hiring diverse employees, their workers will understand basic methods on how to act in front of another employee or customer from different cultures. Wells Fargo respects other cultures and policies. The company’s council including the Chairman, C.E.O and other senior leaders meet quarterly to establish goals and set up directions when partnering with committee in the areas where there is diversity and market segment diversity. They ensure there is supporting infrastructure and inclusion- related behaviors as the â€Å"work of all† versus the â€Å"work of a few†.

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