Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Apple Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

apple - Case Study Example throw everyplaceboard sharing and downloading found application in the way P2P services functioned. This raised the popularity of such services where it was manageable for users to share their favorite albums free of cost. When compared to subscription services that charged a fee for their services, the P2P services provided the users with flexibility as well as a range of choice.Q3)I feel that P2P services would grow in popularity though companies like Apple can minimize the impact using iTunes by flexible licensing, stricter control over sharing by encoding the iTunes music etc. My prediction for iTunes is that it is better equipped to deal with the menace of piracy and free downloads because of the way it is marketed as well as the concept itself.Q4)The greatest threat to Apple is from the me-too clones that can usurp its market share and derail its sales in the way it is marketed. As happened in its software venture, Apple faces the real possibility of its unique approach towards its products being copied by rivals and marketed at a lower price as well as in a generic manner (as impertinent to the niche way in which Apple markets its

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