Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Negative Impact of the Media on Children and Adolescents Essay

Day in and day out an in-numerous amount of Americans lounge in their comfort chairs with snacks, drinks, and a outside(a) in hand watching the next great television series. Some Americans, however, enjoy watching the daily news report before work, school, or starting there day. The hope to receive the latest events, weather, and sports scores for the big games is welded in the minds of these individuals. The Medias influence has increased in size as the culture of technology rapidly goes up. With the invention of the radio, newspaper, television, and internet it is almost impossible to escape the grasp of the medias influence. More importantly technology and media has affected the younger extension more severely, as now it is almost impossible to tell a teenager to turn the television off or stop listening to that music. The Medias increasing influence has capture a part of everyday teenage life, and the teenager and media have become inseparable. The role of media is to create idols, and images that people want to become more like. The media controls the amount of furiousness filtered and viewed by consumers, as well as the amount of attention certain celebrities get, and depending on the amount of attention results in whom the times mimics. This magnitude of influence brings reasonable cause to worry as this generation is our future leaders. The Belief that media uses its influence positively not having a negative nub on the younger generations is not only a false notion but also media purposely uses its influence for wrong doing. It is important to notice that everything do by an individual is influenced by what that person witnessed and experienced. One of the most influential sources today is television. There are... ...s of all time. After the release of this video game the inform rate more than doubled.Works CitedBess, Marcus. Physical Activity interventions using mass media, print media, and information technology. American Journal of Prevent ive Medicine (1998) 362-378. Print.Browne, Kevin. The influence of violence media on children and adolescents a public- health approah. I Review (2004). web.Steele, Jeanne. Adolescent room culture Studying media in the context of everyday life. SpringerLink (1995) 551-576. print.Watson, N. A. Filthy or Fasionable? little Peoples perceptions of smoking in the media. Oxford Journals (2002) 554-567. print.Wilson, Corliss. A content Analysis of Health an d physical activity messages marketed to african American Children During After-School Television Programming. Jama Pediatrics (2006). print.

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