Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Loose Control

Lily walked into the crowded caf and was greeted by the warm smell of freshly baked bread. Mrs Austell always made the most delicious bread, not that she had eaten frequently of it lately. The mouth watering smell of Mrs Austells home made loaf brought digest bitter-sweet memories for Lily. Memories of when her life was happy. In control.Lily walked everywhere to the cashier and began to place her order.Can I have a bottle of mineral water and she stared yearningly at the array of chocolate bars on display. If she was really good for the rest of the day She move the thought from her mind. Four hundred calories per bar, even if she was good for the rest of the day, it would still take ages to burn off.um, yea thats all thanks, she finally said as she handed the cashier the money and went over to sit at the circular wooden table by the window.She had just started reading her favourite book when someone sit down next to her.She looked up to see a girl with greasy, peroxide blonde h air pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her ears glittering with fake gold hoops and playboy studs.Awright orphan girl? she asked, t auntieingly. cast off me alone Olivia, answered Lily quietly.She tried to concentrate on her book. It was one of her favourites, and although she knew it back-to-front, it was still completely engrossing. It had been a present from her aunt that Christmas when She tried to hold back her tears, but it was too late, a lump had formed in her throat. She didnt ask to cry in front of Olivia, she was bad enough already.Just as Lily began to feel the first despicable tears form, a voice called her above the chatter of the caf.Lily looked up to see Darcey striding through the cafe, her long impetuous hair swishing behind her making her look as if shed just stepped off the catwalk.Oh.My.Gosh said Darcey as she sit down down.What? asked Lily cheerfully, feigning a smile.I got the contractHuh?Ive signed with a model agency, Models one to be strike squealed Da rcey.Damn

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