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Story Conflicts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Story Conflicts - Es sound out ExampleAs a result, she becomes fat, and no body knows why. This shows her concern about society, but she does not want to compromise with her desires. perceive her mother and courseing little in public shows her concern about what people think of her. She hates visual perception her relatives reaction when they talk to her. She wishes to be same(p)d by everyone. But usually, when she is alone, desire to eat takes her over and she eat the things which results in increase in fat.At her school she meets a girl, who helps her to reduce her weight. After tremendous make out with her hunger and dieting, she achieves thin body. Now everyone likes her and she shake married. When she becomes pregnant, her hunger takes over, and she starts eating secretly again. After childs birth similarly she continues eating lot and again become fat as before. This proves that a person may replace their thinking for little time, but soon comes back to original livelin ess. She maintained her dieting for some geezerhood but soon came back to the life of lie, showing one thing and doing something else. She is self centered woman. She neer felt any responsibility towards her p atomic number 18nts, and now also she is not listening to her husband, who loves her a lot. She does not like to stay with people who interrupt her in doing what she wants, whoever they are.Other story is about a soldier, who returns home old age after the war over. His situation is totally different from girl in previous story. After returning(a) back, he compares every situation at hometown with that before going for war. The entire Situation is same pretermit now he dislike many things amongst them. Previously he used to lie about his life at war. He used to attribute himself to the things other had gone through. Previously he used to say or do any thing to please girls, but now he thinks it is not worth(predicate) saying lie anymore. He feels that he lost every thing , and him self. And this is because of lies he said to everyone. Krebs acquired the nausea in regard to experience that is the result of untruth or exaggeration, and when he occasionally met another man who had rightfully been a soldier and the talked a few minutes in the dressing room at a dance he fell into the easy pose of the old soldier among other soldiers that he had been badly, sickeningly frightened all the time. In this way he lost everything.Now he wants simple and unbiased life without any type of complications. Now he wants truth in his life. He wish to get rid of the entire situation created because his untruth and exaggeration about his life and war. Now he does not want any consequences. He believes that things can get good again if he start things what are worth doing. His parents want him to set his aim and settle down to work. His sister wants him to participate in her daily activities. Unlike previous, now he wants to satisfy his parents and sisters expectatio n and become good son and brother. ConclusionThese ii

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