Saturday, May 11, 2019

Management seminar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Management seminar - Essay ExampleWhere, if the firm uses employees from its country all through, the order forget non impress the rest of the world. However, with outsourcing, the world feels appreciated because it provides opportunities for all people and this increases the market sh atomic number 18 globally (Sparrow, 2009).On the other hand, outsourcing is a disadvantage to the home people of the company who lose the opportunities occupied by the foreigners. In other words, the local people of the country the company is located lose their jobs and this leads to creating a inlet in the domestic economy. Another job related to outsourcing is that the overseas employees have experienced a problem of not being able to communicate effectively with the U.S customers due to difficult accents and problems of miscommunication. Finally, the emerging economies where outsourcing is done reckon tremendous energy shortages with the power outages done frequently (Blackman, Freedman & Levy , 2004).Sweatshops refer to the overseas manufacturing facilities of a company where the conditions of labor are not up to the satisfactory level as per the international labor standards. capacious working hours, unsafe working condition, and abuse of the employees and lack of labor rights characterize the practices against the standards. The employees working in the facilities are tremendously exploited. In fact, most of the products manufactured in the facilities require repetitive kind of labor. Sweatshops exist for they provide a number of economic advantages to the multinational firms and to the host employees. Creating of the domestic employment and establishment of local infrastructures in the host countries helps to enhance the local economies of the countries.The employees working in the sweatshops are desperate because most of them do not have education or the required skills to get any form of

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